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How to keep your pets cool in summer

When the weather heats up, it’s vital to keep your four legged friends cool, comfortable and healthy. These are the best tips on how to do it.

Help your pets live in harmony

If you don’t want your pets fighting like cats and dogs we have useful tips and advice on how to introduce them and keep the peace in your home.

The benefits of Glucosamine for your pets

Following on from our fabulous competition for a year’s supply of Glucosamine, here are the reasons why it’s so good to add this supplement to your pets’ daily diet.

The winner of our one year supply of Liquid Glucosamine

Congratulations to Patty, the winner of our one year supply of Tango Champ Liquid Glucosamine worth $249.

How best to “vet” your vet?

Always find a good vet before you need one. Trust your instincts and get good advice.

Caring for your pet’s skin in winter

The temperature drops and our skin feels itchy and dry. Humans suffer, but the same happens to our pets.

The ultimate Christmas gifts for your pets

Treat your four-legged friends with an extra special gift this season. See the best that Christmas 2017 has to offer here.

The winner of our Furbo smart pet camera

Congratulations to Caryn, the winner of our Furbo pet camera worth $249.

Pet safety at Thanksgiving

Always a time for celebration. However, the food, the unfamiliar visitors and extra travel can be stressful and unsafe for cats and dogs. This is our advice on how to give your pets a happy and healthy holiday season.

Funny Halloween pet photos

Send us your funniest, cutest photos of your four-legged friends at Halloween and receive money off your next Tango Champ purchase.

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